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About Us
Springs PC Doctor was established to provide good, honest and affordable computer services to anyone in need. If your computer seems to have a mind of its own, and you think its not behaving as it should, don’t get out the baseball bat yet. Just relax and give us a call. We’ll have your computer running again in no time. We have a network of computer experts available for any problem. There's never been anything we couldn't repair if it's repairable.

Our goal is to provide professional, full service computer support to home and small office users. All of our services are offered for a price that will make you smile. Unlike most local repair facilities, we don't charge hourly rates. We will analyze the problem, give you a price to repair your computer, and we'll finish the job for the price quoted no matter how long it takes. And if we can’t fix it, you don’t pay! There's absolutely no risk to you. For basic general pricing, see below.

Services Provided



Virus Removal

Spyware Removal

Slow Computer

Error Messages

Hardware Upgrades

New Computer Setup

Windows Upgrades

Software Installations

Hard Drive Replacements

Computer Training

PC Refurbishing for Donated PCs

And Much More



We use professional PC diagnostics hardware and software that will find and document ANY hardware problems with your computer even if it won't boot up.

Whatever your PC challenge is, We'll take care of it as inexpensively as possible, based on your ability to pay.


We welcome donations of your used PCs (Desktops & Laptops)for refurbishing, (your hard drive(s) will be professionally erased to DoD standards before it is made available to someone else, to protect your personal information)and we'll make it available for someone that can't otherwise afford to buy a computer.

Founders Background


Bob Ely is a retired computer geek. He has been working with computers for over 30 years.

He has been in the technology industry since 1980, and has been blessed with the ability to help many friends and family members throughout this period when their computers don't behave as they should.

He received his college education at both University of Phoenix and Colorado Technical University through their BSIT programs.




Diagnostic Tools

All tests performed on your computer are done with professional diagnostic tools and software used by some of the largest test and repair facilities and retail stores in the country. These tools are from PC-Doctor. (Not related in any way to Springs PC Doctor). PC-Doctor is one of the most trusted and respected names in PC Diagnostics.

 General Pricing Examples *


Computer Tune-up

--Malware removal

--Remove trialware and rarely used software

--Update Windows, drivers, and other important software

--Optimize system

--Defragment hard drive

--Update system BIOS

--Install unobtrusive security software


Virus/Malware/Desktop Hijacker Removal

--Removal of virus/worm/desktop hijacker/rogue spyware

--Install licensed version of MalwareBytes’ Antimalware for realtime-protection against future attacks


Mini Computer Tune-up

--Remove trialware and rarely used software

--Update Windows

--Basic system optimization


Basic Data Recovery & Transfer

Will Quote

New computer setup

--Optimize BIOS settings

--Partition hard drive(s) if requested

--Install Windows (license extra or provided by client)

--Install all core drivers for motherboard, video, sound, etc.

--Install all available Windows updates

--Install basic spyware/malware protection

--Optimize virtual memory use

--Pick-up/delivery within 20-mile radius ($20 per 20-mile block thereafter; both pick-up & delivery included)


System Refresh

--Format all hard drives

--Reinstall Windows and all available updates

--Install appropriate up-to-date drivers

--Ensure system BIOS is up-to-date


*Prices subject to change without notice

*Prices reflect above services only. If diagnostics reveal that hardware must be replaced, this will be quoted for your approval before any repairs are done. Pricing may differ based on your ability to pay.